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Hi guys, I don't know if you read this journal due to the long indefinite hiatus, but if incase you still check this journal, then I just wanna let you know that I'm no longer updating here. I now have my own website, so if you need to get in touch with me or if you want to know what's new with me, then simply click the image above, or go to http://www.yettezkiedoodle.com.


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Account Inactive; Help Needed for Typhoon Ondoy Victims
Hi guys! I know it's been a really long while since you've heard from me, and I know for a fact that a lot of you have already deleted me to your friends list, and I don't blame you. I just wanna let you guys know, for those of you who are concerned or whatever, that I am still often online, just not at this site.

You can still find me at these sites:


So you can still get in touch with me. Please be advised that this journal is not that active anymore, and I'm only keeping this for sentimental reasons. YOU'RE FREE TO DELETE ME OFF YOUR FRIENDS LIST IF YOU WANT.

BUT BEFORE YOU DO THAT...I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help. I know that some of you may have heard regarding the Typhoon Ondoy wrecking thousands of houses here in our country, Philippines. Thousands of people here in our country needs help, and we're doing everything we can to help them but we also appreciate any help anyone could provide. These victims are in dire need of food, clothing and immediate shelter. Any help that you could provide would be enough.

Here's a video to provide a glimpse of what happened.

PLEASE HELP US. Please visit this website for info on how you can help: http://www.redcross.org.ph/


Seriously... ♥♥♥


But before anything else...

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And if you could tell me where you found my journal, that'd be cool too :) ♥♥♥

Charmed Fan? Then click here to answer a simple meme about the famous TV show.

Charmed Friending Meme

Feel free to answer...But I must say, you have to be a Charmed fan if you answer this one :)

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Resources & Acknowledgements
I decided to make an update on where did I get my brushes, textures and some other stuffs for my LJ account. I really can't fit all the credits/acknowledgements at my layout & at my userinfo so I figured that this will be the best way to thank y'all and also, to let you guys know my sources

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♥♥♥ If I failed to place your name in this section, and you know that I am using one of your creations, you can comment here so that I could give you proper credit for your work that I am currently using. I apologize, but sometimes due to the volume of what I'm already using, I sometimes forget to credit everyone. I apologize... ♥♥♥

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the 411
Yette; Turning 26 this December; certified shopaholic and bargain hunter; Homebuddy; Smokes occasionally; Loves to tweak layouts and photos; HEARTS PINK!!!; Loves: Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Charmed, Ugly Betty & Gossip Girl; Loves blogging; Hearts Disney Channel; Movie buff & an internet junkie
my lj
My LJ as you can see, is set to FRIENDS ONLY. I have no problems in adding friends. But of course like any other protected journals, there are some conditions or rules. I'm not downright strict, but I hope you get 'em. All of those are located in >this entry,so should you wish to be added, please read them. Tootles :) ♥♥♥
important dates
Some important dates from SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER


01 - "Kuya Obhet's" Birthday
05 - "Kuya Noland's" Birthday
10 - Mom's Birthday
17 - LJ Paid Account Expiration
25 - Renewed my paid account, thanks to Sismah
27 - Anna Lyn's Birthday


12 - Trisha's Birthday
15 - Yani's Birthday
31 - Halloween


01 - All Saints' Day


02 - Miguel's Birthday
15 - My Birthday
25 - Christmas
31 - New Year's Eve


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