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Resources & Acknowledgements
I decided to make an update on where did I get my brushes, textures and some other stuffs for my LJ account. I really can't fit all the credits/acknowledgements at my layout & at my userinfo so I figured that this will be the best way to thank y'all and also, to let you guys know my sources

Layout Help/Tutorials

Mood Theme

  • Lindsay Lohan Mood Theme - I'm sorry but it seems that I have already forgotten where I got it, since I don't use it that much anymore.
  • li_moods - Twinkles Mood Theme
  • girlfromsouth of moody_girls - Eliza Dushku
  • lidi - Harry Potter Animated Mood Theme
  • crackified - Grey's Anatomy Mood Theme
  • princesskiwi07 - Charmed Po4 Mood Theme
  • dallowayward - Ugly Betty: Amanda & Marc Mood Theme
  • mocca_fix_gold - Gossip Girl: Blaire Waldorf Season 1 Mood Theme

Photoshop Brushes

Textures and Gradients



Header Image & other Image Sources

Pixel Icons


User icon credits are located at the comment/keywords;;
Layout Image header & Profile layout headers are created by yours truly, unless otherwise stated;;
Tutorials Some of my icons state where I got the technique from, however, if they're not stated there, you can go to my Memories and click either "Layout Help or Graphics Help.


♥♥♥ If I failed to place your name in this section, and you know that I am using one of your creations, you can comment here so that I could give you proper credit for your work that I am currently using. I apologize, but sometimes due to the volume of what I'm already using, I sometimes forget to credit everyone. I apologize... ♥♥♥

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From: (Anonymous)(Link)
Date: October 27th, 2006 06:41 pm (UTC)
this is angelaaaa from many many days/years ago.

idk if you still use this, but it`s the only way i can get a hold of you.

i wanted you to know i started using gj again, and i was looking at all my old journals. they made me realise how much i miss youu haha ♥

if you get this you can IM me at imangeladuh or email at angeluheatsworld@yahoo.com orrr


:]] i miss you !
From: (Anonymous)(Link)
Date: August 10th, 2007 04:37 pm (UTC)
just drop by......as instructed by my bestfriend yette hahaha....magcomment daw me ulit.
anyway , ayaw kc maniwala ng best ko kapag sinabi maganda, cool ang layout nya d2 LJ nya.....im calling all the people who have seen her LJ please drop ur comment ....and tell her that she is the most creative person in the whole world..... para maniwala na sya...cry cry cry>>>>>!!!!! cge see u soon best . take care always ....and most especially eat a lot okey .... bawal magpapayat ...anna lyn tadeo
Yette ♥♪♥: 001_kirstendunst
From: lightrail(Link)
Date: August 10th, 2007 04:50 pm (UTC)
Re: hello
tongek! it's not that, i told you drop a line on my friendster, not here. but thanks bez :) ♥♥
33 comment
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My LJ as you can see, is set to FRIENDS ONLY. I have no problems in adding friends. But of course like any other protected journals, there are some conditions or rules. I'm not downright strict, but I hope you get 'em. All of those are located in >this entry,so should you wish to be added, please read them. Tootles :) ♥♥♥
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